Can I Use Motorcycle Chain Lube On Bicycle

Any machine that we use on a daily basis might be worn out over time. Motorcycles are popular modes of transportation. Motorcycle chains are fast-moving and one of the parts that wear out quickly. It is critical to take care of bicycle chains on a regular basis in order to keep them in good working order. Chain lubricants are used to keep the bicycle chain in good condition.

Chain lubricants are oil-based products that function as a natural water repellent, preventing rust and premature chain wear. As a result, it is critical to use a proper chain lube to extend the life and performance of your bicycle chains. It also improves efficiency and delivers a more comfortable riding experience.

Bicycles and motorcycles both have chains because the chain is what propels the vehicle forward. Bicycle and motorcycle chains should be maintained at the same level, no matter what type of vehicle they are. There is some debate over whether can you use motorcycle chain lube on a bicycle as well. Is there any difference between them?

Bicycle chain lube

Why should you lube your bike chain?

As a cyclist, your bicycle chain needs to use lubricant oil on a regular basis to reduce chain excessive wear caused by friction, and prevention of rust and corrosion. The most important thing about well-lubricated chain decrease drivetrain wear. The drivetrain refers to how much force is required to get from the pedals to the back wheel.

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A weak cycle chain is prone to break due to rust and wear. On the market, we can find different types of chain lubricants, grease-based lubricants, spray-based lubricants, mineral oil-based lubes, and wax-based lubricants are examples.

Excessive lubricating can also result in poor performance because excessive lube attracts dirt. Therefore if you notice your cycle chain over lubricated you have to properly wipe it out.


Is motorcycle chain lube the same as bicycle chain lube?

Despite the fact that motorcycle lubes and bicycle lubes accomplish the same thing, they differ slightly. Motorbike chain lube is just a few of the many lubricants available, and they all act in slightly different ways.

Although both lubricants are subject to the chain’s force, one is designed to provide better adhesion at slower speeds. Because a motorcycle’s chain is closed for the most part and travels at a faster pace than a bicycle, the lubricants used on the chains must be specially formulated for motorcycles.

It is clear that motorcycle lubricant is thicker than bicycle chain lubricant. For one thing, it doesn’t have the same viscosity as bicycle lubricant.

Thinner lubricant applied to a bicycle chain may be more effective due to the chain’s greater exposure than that of a motorcycle. The anti-rust properties, not temperature resistance, are the most critical consideration in this situation. You can control the influence of the temperature on a bicycle chain since they are exposed. The chain on a motorbike, in contrast to the chain on a bicycle, is less exposed and so requires a stronger and thicker oil. It must also be able to withstand the heat generated by the engine.

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Can I Use Motorcycle Chain Lube On Bicycles?

We can use motorcycle chain lube for road bicycles and mountain bicycles, but it is not the best practice. Motorcycle lubricants are very thick because its chains run faster. However, bicycle chains slowly move therefore it does not require thicker lube.

The main problem with motorcycle chain lube is since it is thicker it is a dirt magnet. Therefore thicker lube attracts dirt, dust, and debris. This will cause chain parts premature wear.

bicycle chain


Which type of Bicycle lube is best?

Depending on the climate you have to use the correct lubricant for your cycle. For the winter season, wet lube is better. The best chain lube for sandy conditions is wax lubricants. Wax-based cycle lubes are repel dust and dirt, but easily wash away the rain.


Bicycle chain cleaning


Bike Chain Lube Alternatives.

When it comes to lubricating your bike chain, it’s always best to go with a name-brand product. However, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have access to a special supply, you can improvise with common household items. Lubrication is used to reduce friction and improve chain performance. There are several lubricants available.


Clipper Oil.

Clipper oil is another product that you can use for bicycle chains. You have to use it more often because you have more clipper oil because it is thinner. It is also worth noting that clipper oil is anti-rust on bicycle chains.


Silicone Spray.

Silicone is a rubber-like material that has excellent sealing and lubrication qualities. We can use silicone spray for bicycles, but it is not the optimum solution. Silicone is Protects Against Rust and waterproof, but it is less mineral oil and grease-free,

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If you are a frequent cyclist, this is not the best bike chain lube alternative. This spray is easily washed out, therefore you have to reapply it frequently.


All-purpose sewing machine oil.

These all-purpose machine oils are made of petrochemicals (mineral oil). They are odd-free, light viscosity, and watery white. These types of white mineral oils are available on the market with different names like a machine or sewing machine oil.


Final Word.

If you enjoy riding bicycles, no matter whether it is a road cycle or mountain bike, you should keep your bike in good condition. While riding a cycle in dust, sandy, muddy areas, the bike chain tends to impair drivetrain efficiency (due to dust and other contaminants on the chain) and wear out easily.

Friction in your bike chains may rise due to the settling of dust and rust, making a smooth ride harder. It would be more challenging if you were riding the bike quickly. Using a lubricant is recommended as the best practice for extending the life of the bike chain.

Lubes used on motorcycles can also be used on bikes, however, there are some distinctions. Because the position and exposure of bicycles and motorcycles differ, the properties of each type of lubricant may also vary. Therefore motorcycle lube is not the best lube for bicycles.

Using lubrication on your bike is both beneficial to the bike and boosts your safety when riding. If we consider an efficient bicycle, wider and narrow bicycle tires also affect.

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